No Paved Roads

'How bad can hell be? At least the road to there is paved!'

Perhaps people used to travel with transportation to reached their destination immediately. They even hit the road with a scooter, car, and the long list goes on for being rush and having a hectic schedule.

But in a place of a living at a rural area in the island of Bacacay, Albay called “Langaton” people often challenge their self everyday every time when they had a urgent matter in life. Walking for a long period takes a lot of time while riding at the transportation only takes a minute – especially to those students.

High school students at Barangay Langaton used to walk everyday to have their day at the school. It takes roughly 30 minutes with walking. Sometimes, students will get irritated because of the dust and clay pasted at their foot. It is hard for those of them encountered all the tiring thing. Even rain or shine.

The school was establish at a nearby barangay called San Pablo. A place where had a school for high school. Even parents were challenged to perform the way with walking just to reach the school. Dry throat, tortured foot, and a fast heart beat. Those feeling that seems to be just ordinary will walk of them. But how about dreaming a paved roads? Do you think it would change at all?

Let us examine the community by using the three questions in a scale to know their ambition to had a paved roads with their conditioned especially to the students.

1. On a scale of 1-5, do you think those student are used to travel going to their school without paved roads?

2. How would you rate the hope of community in having a polished road in 1-5%?

3. On a scale of 1-5, do you think this community” the way  going to the nearby barangay to have their education will achieve in having a polished road as soon as possible?




This Infograph used to help us in understanding the survey presentation clearly. Based on the chart above, every number presents the respondent’s prediction according to the questions given. It clarify the possibility of having a paved roads from their ideas using the scale.

The result of the survey shows the hopelessness of every respondents in achieving a polished road. The vote and ideas of every of them seems like so similar and you may think that they cheat and impersonate some of the answers but sad to say it is the truth.


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